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Affordable Laser Cutting Technology


In the current market place for laser engraving and cutting technology Nidustech is a fresh face. We are passionate geeks who want to bring laser fabrication technology to anyone who is frustrated with their skills with a pair of scissors or a craft knife!

The possibilities for our laser cutters are almost limitless. Schools, architects, engineers, hobbyists, artists and inventors are just some of the industries that utilise laser cutting.


We are a fresh breath of air in a stagnant market. Laser cutting and etching has always been a market for only the big corporation to own their own equipment and made -to-order piece work for the individual and small organisation as costs can be quite prohibitive.


Inspire through knowledge


We provide portable and affordable laser cutting technology to the private customers, small businesses and educational organisations. Industrial laser cutters are unaffordable for many small organisations, that's why Nidustech offers products for the small scale market without compromising on quality, safety or productivity. The tools we develop aid you to deliver results in record time. Aimed to help teachers deliver effective learning within educational facilities, our intuitive easy to use android software will enable students and staff alike to produce stunning results in minutes rather than days.

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